European Sperm Bank – donor-25203 MUGGIE

Safety warnings | Blood & Tissue | 27/12/2022

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care has been informed by the Danish authority that it has been informed by the Danish tissue bank European Sperm Bank (DK257572) that a male offspring of donor-25203 MUGGIE has been diagnosed with global developmental delay, decreased liver function, and abnormal glycosylation. Genetic screening identified two pathogenic variants in the PMM2 gene associated with a type Ia congenital glycosylation disorder. There is no evidence of CDG1A in the donor, his relatives, or other progeny.

Because the donor is a carrier of congenital glycosylation disorder type Ia, the donor gametes of this donor have been permanently blocked.

If you have any queries, please contact the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care or directly the tissue bank from which the sperm donation was obtained. This letter corresponds to the current state of information of the BASG. As soon as further information is available, it will be announced.


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