Cryos International-Aarhus - Donor VIND

Safety warnings | Blood & Tissue | 09/08/2023

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care has been informed by the Danish authority that it has been informed by the Danish tissue bank Cryos International-Aarhus (DK257551) that a 16p13.11 duplication was detected during prenatal screening of a donor-conceived fetus. The donor VIND has a duplication at 16p13.11p12.3, which is associated with various clinical features including language delay, learning disabilities, autism, and a risk for cardiovascular disease.

Donor gametes have been permanently blocked.

If you have any questions, please contact the Federal Office of Health Care Safety at or directly the tissue bank from which the sperm donation was obtained.

This letter reflects the current information available from the BASG. As soon as further information is available, it will be announced.


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